Thursday, November 27, 2008

finished stockings

I always find it very hard not to 'take over' when the children are working on craft items. But I know how important it is for me to sit back, and allow them to be guided by their own imaginations.

katies stocking
Little Miss Four crafted this one. She needed help to thread the needle and tie knots... but handled the remainder of the task by herself. She hasn't done any type of sewing before, and I was really impressed with how quickly she picked it up and developed a rhythm.

bens stocking
Master Six worked on this piece. He also needed assistance with threading and knotting, but had quite good control over the needle... working the stitches successfully into the shapes he was after.

sams stocking
The final one was crafted by Master Nine. Entirely by himself. No help needed with threading, knotting, or separating strands. He has decorated both sides of the stocking, and then went ahead and made some pipe cleaner candy canes to put inside.


Oh2122 said...

Love them!

Happy Turkey Day!

misha said...

Oh, they're so cute!

Sam said...

They look great! I love the stars.

whatsonox said...

They look great.

I know what you mean about finding it hard not to join in and take over. But it can have its advantages. My Mr 8 wanted to learn to crochet and he got the hang of a single chain but found the pushing the hook through and making stitches quite hard (having to hold the piece, manipulate the material and the wool was hard for him). So while he was at school I was allowed to do "bits". This made the whole project grow nice and quickly and boredom didn't set in before the hat was finished. He is now the proud owner of a crocheted, stripey hat that he 2made himself".

beccasauras said...

Love to see the talent being passed down, I agree with how hard it is not to help, though. I have bourght my daughter a Beados set for her b'day week and it will KILL me not to instruct!

laughing purple goldfish said...

oh2122 - thanks... you too!

misha - yes... they've done a brilliant job :)

sam - the stars are leftovers from my scrap booking days

whatsonox - how wonderful... he must be so incredibly proud of that hat!

bec - deep breaths... and SIT on your hands!