Thursday, November 13, 2008

why not?

The older I get, the more adventurous I become - more willing to try new things, test the boundaries, and experiment!

Instead of asking WHY?... I'm starting to ask WHY NOT?

and discovering that it's a whole lot of fun, too!

In our Crochet Lovers Victoria group, we recently started chatting about hand carved hooks. In the past I've always wondered WHY you would bother going to all the trouble of carving a hook, when they are so readily available?

But not this time... this time I asked myself WHY NOT give it a go???

and I wasn't the only one... in fact, a surprising number of others have joined in the fun

stick and stanley

Now, I know you could use dowel for a project like this. We certainly have some odds and ends in the garage here which I could recycle into a hook. But I loved the idea of recycling a gift from nature... and I wanted to carve my hook from a stick.

rounding tip

It started out easily... and I was lulled into a false sense of security...

getting there

But carving out the inner side of the hook is much trickier than it looks...

I'm ashamed to admit that there have been several be-headings along the way... the hook (stick) getting shorter and shorter with each one. It was almost like the French Revolution around here... OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

In fact, I still haven't quite got the whole thing figured out yet... but I'm determined to get there. In the meantime you should take a peek at what some of the other members have achieved.

Stramenda has made this incredible tunisian hook from a long stick she found in her kindling pile... and you MUST click here to see what she made for dinner the other night! Now that's dedication. Yes... she's a little bit mad... but in the most wonderful way!

Happy Peacock made a cable tunisian hook... by inserting an old circular knitting needle INTO the end of her hand-carved hook, and adding a stopper at the other end... take a look

Cat attacked a broom handle to come up with this fine creation

These friends are blowing me away with their work! None of them had attempted anything like this before, and decided to s-t-r-e-t-c-h themselves just a little... they have achieved so much. I'm so incredibly proud of them - and just a teensy bit jealous - but I'll keep trying - of course I can do it - it's not rocket science!

Saving my favourite for last... Dawniedear gave me a fabulous gift yesterday... a tunisian cable hook... which she carved from a piece of dowel, then attached the cable from an old circular knitting needle, with a button as a stopper. Isn't she wonderfully creative? I'm so looking forward to using it!

dawn's tunisian


Stramenda said...

I'm sure our hooks will start to look more refined soon !! Our first attempts have been a lot of fun, and whittling on the verandah is a fun pass-time ! However HappyPeacock (Daphne) and Dawn have really gone pro with their beautiful tunisian cable hooks. Very impressive !! Thanks for a great post :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow they are all so amazing!! I had no desire to crave my own hook but you ladies are swaying me. How sweet of Dawn, so thoughtful she is!!!

Civilla said...

If we're ever "nuked" and have to live like the people in my favorite book: Alas Babylon by Pat Frank, published in the '50's, I will remember this if my hooks break and I can't buy any more! Can't live without my crochet hooks. I make rag rugs out of denim and any kind of material, and crochet them using large hooks. Lately, have been making aprons out of old dresses, and purses out of old jeans. You have a beautiful blog!

KAF said...

When will I come here and not be amazed at what you're doing? (Never I hope.) I can't believe you are making a tool from a stick! How impressive are your friends' hooks too. Wonderful. :)

cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh WOW! Dawns hook looks incredible! Your heads are a bit like my head, I haven't quite got the nack either. I can't find a good tutorial on line at all.
Cheers Cat. Oh thanks for linking me too.

misha said...

Wow, a see a whole new world of possibilities opening up for you :)

Libbys Blog said...

What an interesting post. I never thought to 'carve' my own hook. Fascinateing. Great Post!

trần minh an said...

hi... thank you about this post

k-bomb said...

The title of my blog is "why not" so I totally know what you mean. I've stopped asking why a long time ago.

laughing purple goldfish said...

stra - it was a pleasure to link to you sweetie :)

jacqui - dawnie is adorable!

civilla - you never know when you might need to carve up your own hook! love the ideas too... your crafting sounds fabulous...just my 'thing'

kaf - I just want to try EVERYTHING... can you tell?

cat - you're welcome... I couldn't find anything online either :(

misha - yes... there are endless possibilities!

lib - you can always practice on carrots, like stramenda has!

tran - you're welcome

k-bomb - what a fabulous name for a blog... I'll have to wander over and check you out :)

brenda said...

Thanks for the memories. When I was about 11 a lady named Minnie taught me to crochet. Her husband carved me a hook out of a long dowell with a hook on both ends. I still treasure it almost 37 years later.

Esther said...

how about knitting needles...for those not so sure of their whittle...hehe

laughing purple goldfish said...

brenda - how wonderful that you still have that hook after all these years... what a brilliant keepsake!

esther - I'm starting to think that if this hook thing doesn't work out for me, I might need to try my hand at knitting needles instead :)

KT's Blog said...

I liked your blog. May I have the code for your subcribe through email up at the top?
Post it below!

laughing purple goldfish said...

kt - I didn't think that you needed a code... just enter your email address in the box and click subscribe... you will be sent a confirmation email.. then will start receiving posts

Waitress from Mensa said...

How did your friend attach the cable to the Tunisian cable hook? Your self-carved hooks are works of art! I can't wait to get started! On the walk to work today, I picked up a likely candidate stick and have been eyeing it all morning!

laughing purple goldfish said...

waitress from mensa - she drilled a hole into the end of the hook and 'glued' the cable in using silastic (that silicon/plastic goop)... prior to that she had UNSUCCESSFULLY tried wood glue, and wood glue with sawdust added... a couple of other friends have kept the knitting needle ends on the cable, and 'stabbed' one end into a hole drilled in the end of the wooden stick, and not required any glue... hope that helps :) enjoy!

Cheryl Moore said...

I got a nice little chuckle reading the way you described your experience. :) Thank you...and, I love your blog! :) I'm inspired to go dig in my linen closet to find some sheets so I can try making the Rag Bag. Yours is beautiful! :)

--Cheryl Moore