Sunday, November 30, 2008

think before you throw

christmas lights

Oops... almost made a big mistake today...

We were sorting through some Christmas decorations, and came across an old set of lights which no longer work because of a wiring problem. I was ready to toss them, when Mr Goldfish said... "hang on a minute!"

First he collected all the globes, to use as replacements for our other sets of lights.

Then he handed me the cables... "you'll want to see what's inside here, won't you?"

Well... of course I do!!!!


Oh2122 said...

Oh, I can't wait to see!

Of course then I'll be annoyed at how many I've thrown out over the years...

Red Dahlia said...

He knows you so well!

I can't believe I never thought to reuse the bulbs.

annemarie said...

How funny - get the inside wire will be used in a crochet project. I discovered two dead strings just today - wish you were closer so I could give them to you!!

Sam said...

I would have been shocked if you had thrown them away ;-)
Good old Mr Goldfish - he knows what you want almost better than you now.

I saw a wonderful display of knitted recycled-wire art just the other day: John Binet-Fauvel

Find him here
He has an Etsy shop here

Small Footprints said...

Great idea ... can't wait to see what you create!

Small Footprints

Kelly (Ravelry- fairieknits) said...

OH! How sweet is your hubby!

Isn't it the best when they think of things like that for you!

Oh, wanted to let you know that you've inspired me. My local charity shop had a great sale a couple of weekends ago (all tops and bottoms on sale for $1.25 each!!!) so I stopped by and picked up 3 cotton and 3 wool sweaters to start my recycling adventures with. I felted all three of the wool sweaters and I'm going to be making Chistmas ornaments with them, the cotton sweaters I will be taking apart and reusing after the holidays! Thanks again for the inspriration!

laughing purple goldfish said...

oh 2122 - I know! we're ALWAYS throwing things away, aren't we?

red dahlia - scary, isn't it?

annemarie - thanks for thinking of me anyway :)

sam - thanks so much for sharing those links... fabulous

small footprints - thanks

kelly - WONDERFUL! and now it begins... your path of discovery into recycled materials... it's so much fun :) so pleased to hear that you are giving it a go!!!

Slovakian Beauty said...

This year i used my old non-working Christmas tree lights AS RIBBON to wrap presents. I cut the wire and twist tied the ends together to make it look like a bow. It looked very
festive and was a clever idea!

P.S. I think they make lights disposable as it seems they only last one year-