Monday, December 1, 2008


It turns out that the old Christmas lights which I showed you yesterday, was not one continuous cable.... but that the cable was cut at each fitting. So I have lots of short lengths of cables.

copper wires

Inside each cable is a bunch of fine copper wires. Certainly worth keeping - for a yet to be determined project! I'm not planning to strip them just yet. It may well turn out that I want to use them as they are... and they are easier to store in this state.

handful of rings

I've also saved these plastic rings... they'll come in handy, too... and for the moment they can live in my bead jar.


misha said...

I really admire your enthusiasm! Yesterday I threw away an old vacuum cleaner without even checking whether there was anything that could be salvaged and now I feel guilty. If you found so much in Christmas lights, imagine what treasures a vacuum cleaner hid! Looking forward to your Christmas projects :)

Oh2122 said...

So cool.

All of our Christmas lights have those omni-present "CA state law" carcinogen warning tags on them. Did yours?

whatsonox said...

Your garden is probably too dry to suffer from slugs and snails. Apparently they don't like the small electrical shock they get when they slime over copper wire so in the UK you can buy copper tape for putting around the top of flower pots to ward off the rotters. As soon as I saw your copper wire I thought of slug protection.

I tried crocheting my own copper slug protection from some unravelled copper pan scourers but my garden in the UK was so wet that year that nothing would have prevented the slugs.

I look forward to seeing what you do with the wire and the "beads".

Sicilian said...

Oh what a great idea. . . . I had never thought about those little rings.

laughing purple goldfish said...

misha - I'm sure that I miss a lot of stuff too... we really are an incredibly wasteful society!

oh2122 - NO! seriously??? we have NOTHING like that here

whatsonox - thanks for the snail tip... I hadn't heard of the copper tape before... we do get slimey garden pests, unfortunately :(

sicilian - yes... there are treasures everywhere!