Sunday, December 14, 2008

perhaps a poinsettia?

I've been thinking about how to best decorate this bell, and decided I would try out a felted poinsettia flower...


Started out with some red and green felted jumper pieces and some beads. I made a cardboard template for the petals, and cut out eight pieces from the red felt.

1 petal

2 petals

Then started sewing them together, alternating beads and petals, until all eight were on.

all petals

I also attached a circle of brownish coloured felt to the centre of the flower... oops... bit of a blurry shot, sorry!

centre added

Now I need to think about the leaves, and exactly how I want to use the flower on the bell. It has actually turned out a little larger than I had anticipated.


Sam said...

Looking good though. If it doesn't fit the bell, you'll have to use it somewhere else :-)

Sicilian said...

Hmmmmm. It is pretty. Show us what you decide.

laughing purple goldfish said...

sam - for sure... I can find a use for it SOMEWHERE around here!

sicilian - I certainly will, thanks