Saturday, December 13, 2008

an old christmas bell...

bell before

This old Christmas bell once belonged to Mr Goldfish's grandmother.

I don't usually put it up, but I think it's time to put a hook in the ceiling... so that I can hang it up and everyone can enjoy it. It actually plays a tune. You pull on the... um... glitter ball... I'm sure this part of the bell has a name, but I can't for the life of me think what to call it! Anyway, you pull on the glitter ball, and away the music plays. There's the odd 'ting' missing from the melody, but that just adds to the character, in my opinion!

Before I hang the bell, I would like to add an embellishment. It just needs 'something'. So I'll spend some time today thinking about that, and see what I can come up with.

Meanwhile... did you see the cherries on our tree??? Mmmmm... delicious!



Devi said...

cherries! at christmas! i am a bit gobsmacked. all our fruit trees are bare and hunkering down for winter.

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the old time charm of that bell and I'm so jealous of those cherries. They look delishious. How do you keep the birds away from them? Do you use a net?

freed said...

Is the glitter ball called a clapper?

Your cherries look so delicious.

Sicilian said...

Your cherries look yummy. What a wonderful Christmas present.

The bell is beautiful.

JoAnn said...

Wow, those cherries look wonderful. I had no idea they grew in such dense bunches. How lovely for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I looooove that bell!!! (And, yes, it's a clapper.)

Puglette said...

My sister in law had one of those bells when I was a child. I can remember that glitter ball so well!

your cherry tree looks beautiful! yum!

misha said...

I'm really curious to see what you'll come up with for the emBELLishment. And mmmm, the cherries, yummy :)

Karen said...

"And a bell in a cherrrryyyyyy treeeee!" With echoes of partridges and pears......

laughing purple goldfish said...

devi - yes... christmas is cherry time for us :)

jacqui - we haven't used a net, but the birds have been very restrained this year... maybe because we have so many... it's our most successful 'crop' yet... perhaps there's enough for us AND the birds

freed - a clapper... yes... thank you.. I had the word clanger stuck in my head, but I knew that wasn't right

sicilian - thanks

joann - aren't they wonderful?

aimeewrites - confirmation on CLAPPER? thanks :)

puglette - it's amazing how these childhood memories stick with us, isn't it?

misha - lol at emBELLishment! I didn't notice that earlier

karen - I'll be singing that all day now :)

LisaB said...

Oh yum cherries! We can get cherries right now, but imported from another country. I love that bell as well, its so graceful.

Anonymous said...

This bell is just gorgeous...and I love things that have sentimental value as well!
Cherries yum! We live not far from some cherry orchards...My 4 yo daughter loves them, but I have to limit how many she eats as she ends up with a belly ache hehe!


laughing purple goldfish said...

lisa b - cherries fresh from the tree are divine :)

emjaylas mum - ahhh... four years old... if she's anything like my daughter... she's too stubborn to listen!