Thursday, December 18, 2008


Well, I made a slight alteration to the original plan for the eyes. I was thinking about using a purple button in the centre, but it just didn't work. The purple was too bright, and didn't really tie in with any of the other colours on the alien. I thought about adding some purple trims here and there, but I think he is busy enough without adding to it. So I substituted with a couple of brown buttons instead.


Inside each of the antennae are three bendy drinking straws... with means their position can be changed as the mood strikes. I love the pom poms on the end, too!


So... this was the original play dough model:

sam's alien - model

And this is my cuddly version:



annemarie said...

I love that cuddly version - how cute it is!!

mary grace said...

perfection :) he'll love it! and i love the idea of the bendable straws... it's great :)

Anonymous said...


Karen said...

That is some serious cute. Great job translating playdough into a stuffed toy with loads of personality.

Anonymous said...

He is GORGEOUS!!! Congrats!

(My word verification is 'exhick.' My maiden name is Hickman! LOL)

campbellgirl said...

OMG, he's gorgeous! You are going to have a very happy child on your hands.

Everyday Housewife said...

Your alien looks so cuddly, and not so alien..

Jenny said...

that is just absolutely adorable! fantastic!

Mannie Vincent said...

He has turned out fabulous! Great work!!!

Leslie said...

So so so cute! He's gonna love it! Frankly, if he doesn't, you should immediately send it to me!

I'm not sure I'm an adult yet said...

omg! love it! i wish i had that talent. he will love it!

misha said...

You are a genius!

Sicilian said...

It is very cute and I'll be a beloved toy to the child who gets it.

Balou said...

That is so awesome! What a unique, and original gift.

whatsonox said...

Love the drinking straws idea.

He/she/it 's so cute.

For cute french-speaking aliens check out SamSam, the smallest super hero. Your alien would be right at home in his universe.
You can normally watch an episode for free without signing up but I can't get it to work today. (Un épisode à voir
en accès libre :
"L'attaque des Pipiolis")It is the episode where Samsam doesn't go to the toilet when his mother asks him to and the naughty aliens make his bed all wet!I'm not sure that we understood all the french (in fact I'm sure we didn't) but his universe is SO cute - and it beats conjugating verbs as a way to learn french.

Which is what I should be doing and why I am typing so much. French homework and then cleaning the guest room for the pre-Christmas guests - SO boring but necessary. But then I get to go to my children's pottery class. It is the last class of term and they've invited the parents in to have a go - what a brill idea. French grammer may be rotten but their craft classes are great.

Since you know nothing about me I should maybe explain that our family moved to France from England in August when my husband got a job in Geneva (yeh, I know that's in Switzerland but we live just over the border). I'm now a stay at home mum with more time for crocheting and surfing the web (and skiing and not just dreaming but expecting my very first White Christmas.

There, now I've introduced myself I feel a little bit less like a gatecrasher. Thanks for the blog. It cheers me up when my new life is getting a bit much.


(If you do want to see more SamSam episodes you can sign up for free on the website.)

Elaine said...

So cute! Thanks for a chuckle and a smile on a tough day for me.

egebs said...

He turned out so cute.

RachelB said...

Oh my goodness! He is adorable! Note to self - must learn how to crochet 3-D items!

Queenie said...

you amaze me. you are so talented! what time do you get up in the morning? what time do you go to bed? how can you fit all this in your life!? i am really impressed by you and your industry. great job. you create such beautiful things.

Rima said...


Sam said...

We all knew the end result would be worth waiting for. Master Nine is one lucky boy. I love the legs, I love the expression on the face, and adjustable antennae...? How cool is that :-)

My Best Friend Calls Me Martha said...


~Tanya~ said...

that is awesome! love it.

laughing purple goldfish said...

annemarie - a cute alien... who would have thought it possible?

mary grace - the bendy straws do a fabulous job... and kid safe, too

jacqui - thanks :) your orange yarn remanants were put to good use... thank you kindly

karen - not sure if my son wanted him to be cute or menacing! oh well.. I'm sure he'll tell me... kids are good at being direct!

aimeewrites - that's just SPOOKY!!

campbellgirl - I do hope so

everyday housewife - I think he's a friendly alien... who tries his hardest to look fierce, but is just too adorable to succeed

jenny - thank you

mannie - much appreciated

leslie - can I send you the nine year old instead???

i'm not sure i'm an adult yet - fabulous name you have! thanks for stopping by

misha - thanks

sicilian - ciao

balou - yes... I can safely say that he will not be receiving a DUPLICATE gift from anyone else... definitely one of a kind :)

whatsonox - thanks so much for sharing... I really appreciate it :)
my kids actually watch sam sam... but we get it in english here... in fact, little secret here... master nine is actually called sam... so often we find ourselves singing the theme song... SAM SAM and he CAN CAN save the world!
oh no... it's in my head will be stuck there all night! aarghhh
anyhow... I wonder if that show is where my sam gets his alien inspiration from? I haven't watched it with them... it's just kind of on in the background for me
and can I just say WOW... what a challenging few months you must have had... new country... new language... as well as the sahm challenges which come our way!
have a fabulous white christmas, and the pottery sounds fab... why should the kids have all the fun?

elaine - sorry to hear you are having a tough day... but I'm glad I could distract you... even for just a moment :)

egebs - thank you

rachelb - stick with me sweetie... 3D items are fun, and not nearly as tricky as you might imagine... hopefully I can inspire you to tackle one (or more) in 2009

queenie - I am SO not a morning person... but I could happily sit up all night crafting... although sometimes it's best not to! often I'll have a fabulous idea at 2am... and just HAVE to craft it then and there while the mojo is with me... but then I look back at it after a few hours sleep and wonder WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!

rima - thanks sweetie

sam - I'm hoping he will think the adjustable antennae are WAY COOL

martha - beautiful reaction there... thank you :)

tanya - thanks!

Robbie said...

I'm very impressed = and the button combination for the eyes works a treat! The bendy straws idea is great... I was wondering about the safety aspect of chenille sticks, but now there is an option!

Hope Master 9 likes his alien!

laughing purple goldfish said...

robbie - yes... the bendy straws are wonderful... I saw them used years ago, as the 'insides' for knitted candy canes... and the idea stayed with me