Sunday, December 21, 2008

another gift completed!

Okay... I am really pleased to finally have this gift finished. It's actually a sage green colour, but it looks a little blue in the photo.


It's the first time I have knitted a scarf in a 4ply (fingering weight) yarn... and it seemed to take forever! For a while there, I wondered if it was ever going to be finished...

I do love the pattern though. As far as lace patterns go, it's quite simple to follow and easy to remember. And I love the finished effect, too.

Now, get ready for the biggest surprise of all... I actually blocked this scarf!!!

Mind you... that just means that I laid it out nicely on the ironing board... gave it a spritz of water... put a cloth over the top... gave that a spritz of water... then carefully and lightly steamed it with my iron on the WOOL setting. Pretty fancy, hey!

You might recognize this pattern, as it is a scarf that I have made before. If you want to take a little stroll down memory lane with me, you can see other versions of the same scarf here and here and here.

The scarf pattern is not available online, but I did find instructions for a feather stitch pattern which you could use if you were interested in making something similar. Don't be confused if the photo looks a little different... they have shown the RIGHT side of the work, whereas most of my photos show the WRONG side (which I find more interesting)


Christy T said...

So, so elegant!!! Too pretty :)

Puglette said...

very pretty! I love the beaded trim.

heklica said...

It's so fine and delicate. And the beads go well with the colour of the yarn.

BrownBerry said...

Absolutely gorgeous!
The beads just make it SING

Sam said...

Very pretty and I love the bead trim.
I've made 3 scarves so far and another 2 mini ones to go. Not as quick as you though :-)
Funny that you like the wrong side all the time. What does that say about you, I wonder? Lol.

Ribs said...

Check out the following post - gave you a blog award:

annemarie said...

I truly love this scarf and the beads make it extra special. You do such beautiful work.

laughing purple goldfish said...

martha - thanks, I think it will suit the recipient perfectly

puglette - I'm so addicted to beaded trims at the moment :)

misha - thanks

marce - thanks for stopping by!

sam - ooohhh.... I'm sure it just confirms what we all know in our hearts... that I a somewhat UNCONVENTIONAL soul :)

crafty cactus lover - thank you

annemarie - much appreciated

Lisbeth said...

Absolutely gorgeous!One of the best designs I ever seen. I simply love the beads.

You have a great blog!