Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Well, now that the gifts for the boys are all sorted... I can focus on the cinderella doll for Little Miss Four. I knit the pieces for her weeks ago, and now it is just a matter of the assembly.

JUST a matter of the assembly?

Who am I trying to kid here??? These things take forever to put together!

I'm using a Jean Greenhowe pattern, take a look here if you want an idea of what I am up to. Scroll about halfway down the page and you will see a topsy-turvy cinderella doll. That's the one I am making.

So here is my progress on sad cinderella...


I've used crazy yarn for her skirt... rather appropriate for her 'rag dress' I thought... especially with all those exposed knots.

And if you look really closely, you might recognise that hair. Remember the tutorial I made about recycling yarn from a jumper. I was complaining that the yarn from that particular garment was a bit 'straw-like'? Well... it makes for perfect doll hair!


Anonymous said...

Love the rag dress, looks great. Is that the same crappy yarn that I liked the look of as her hair??? LOL knew it'd come in good use for something!
Little miss is going to love it.

OldCinderella said...

The Cinderella is just as she should be - "bee-utyful"!

Sicilian said...

Ahhhhhhh. Reminds me of the dolls my mother would crochet for my girls. It is very very cute.

Nima said...

wow...cindrella looks cute

heklica said...

So very cute! I love the fringe :)

laughing purple goldfish said...

jacqui - yes! it's that exact same yarn :)

oldcinderella - thanks :)

sicilian - there's something wonderfully old fashioned about the topsy turvy doll, isn't there?

nima - just wait til you see her in her ball gown!

misha - thanks

jolincountry said...

That is so cute! You do great work. I can't wait to see her turned upside down..

Sam said...

I had a sewn topsy-turvy doll. Cinderella is looking good so far, especially the skirt :-) And I love how neat her hair looks.
How big is she?

Can't wait to see her in her finery.

Karen said...

I think it is Christmas now on your side of the world so - Merry Christmas!!!! I bet your children are pleased.