Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I op therefore I am...

Calling all Melbourne folk...

If you enjoy second hand shopping, then you must check out this blog

I op therefore I am

"A collaborative blog about op shopping in Melbourne, Australia - let everyone know about the treasure you've found, alert the world to that Akira Isogawa dress that didn't quite fit, and check out where you can get your op shop fix on a Sunday"

You will find a detailed list of Melbourne Op Shops, including a map, addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours. Read about the recent finds and experiences of other locals, and join the group to share your own treasures. I have recently joined there myself.

(Pssstt... wondering what an op shop is?

Op Shop is an abbreviation for Opportunity Shop... known in other parts of the world as a thrift store, charity store, goodwill store, etc.)

Last week I added to my vintage suitcase collection... when I picked up this brilliant red case at the Riddells Creek Op Shop

red suitcase (tag)

red suitcase (lining)

I also discovered this teaspoon thingy... I'm sure there's a proper name for it.. help me out if you can. I've been looking for one for quite some time. Perfect for my herbal tea.

teaspoon open


Stramenda said...

Oooh, I'm an Op-a-holic . . . vintage patterns, materials for craft . . . . I can't get enough ! Seems we share headspace on this one. The site is an excellent resource and a fun read.

Sarah said...

That's a very cool concept, gathering all that information about opshops! :-)

I think it's just a tea infuser teaspoon? If there's a special name, I have no idea! :-)

Wendy said...

Hi I found you via "I op therefore I am". I love op shopping too. I admire you for crafting from only recycled materials. Some of the things you make are lovely.

Stramenda said...

I've got a stupid recycling question. I've a glow in the dark used dummy (pacifier), with no rubber piece on it, just the plastic. The recycler in me just can't put it in the bin. Its got a little round handle, and three 10mm oval holes around the round part (which I could get yarn through). What on earth could I make with this?

laughing purple goldfish said...

stramenda - I think you need to join us over at the op site... as for the pacifier, I'll put my thinking cap on and come up with something fabulous

sarah - thanks... I did some googling about tea infusers, and I think this one is called a 'snap spoon tea infuser'

wendy - thanks for the beautiful feedback

Karen said...

Nice to know thrift stores are far flung adventures and "op shop" is a great name. Suitcases were a recent find of mine as well. However - these were at a garage sale. Are these big in your area as well? And as for the glow in the dark dummy - the image delights me - does the handle fit over a finger - could you turn it into a pin cushion - sew through those holes a 'cushion' made from a circle of fabric stuffed with something that would hold pins; hair works great; the oil in it also keeps pins slippery.
What fun!