Saturday, August 2, 2008

traditional teddy

I know that I've mentioned Jean Greenhowe to you before, but she really is the most incredible designer/pattern writer when it comes to knitted toys. Not only are her designs adorable, but the way in which the patterns are written - you cannot possibly go wrong! If you haven't seen her patterns before, you need to take a look. Truly. I have been using her patterns for the last fifteen years, and not ever had a single problem with them.

Jean details every part of the process for you... right down to the embroidery details for the faces. She includes instructions which specify precisely where each stitch goes. Seriously, follow the instructions and your toy will look EXACTLY like hers. The only criticism I could make of her patterns is that there is a great deal of assembly required. Lots of small knitted pieces, which all need stitched together at the end. Very time consuming, but the result is magnificent.

I have made a squillion of these teddies over the years, and I still love them. For this little guy, I made him a simple crochet scarf, instead of a bow. Isn't he adorable?

sepia 2


Dorene said...

I LOVE this bear! Can you buy single patterns without buying the book?

Glad I found your blog. I'm a beginner and your bears are inspiring me to give one a try.

laughing purple goldfish said...

as far as I know you would need to buy the booklet... but I have to say... it is the most used pattern booklet I own... held together by sticky tape these days! I have made every project in it... and most of them many times over... well worth the purchase in my opinion :)

all the best with your new craft... enjoy!