Monday, August 11, 2008


Anyone curious about how I went with my personal challenge for July?

Details here if you want to refresh your memory about my plans.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't do terribly well with it. Not making excuses... but I think that it was a bit of a silly challenge to set myself in winter. Frogging jumpers is a task which I would much rather work on outdoors. It is quite messy and also very dusty work. Last summer I frogged lots of jumpers at the local park, while watching the kids play. So I'm thinking that I will not worry about minimising the frog pond until the spring weather rolls around.

So... I did manage to frog three jumpers, but my 'frog pond' is still overflowing.


As for my August personal challenge... I'm aiming to repair and complete this blanket.

Fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, now that's an idea. I ought to get a basket or some sort of container to keep all my To-Be-Frogged sweaters. Currently I just have them scattered about, a couple in one room, a couple in another, maybe one or two half-frogged sitting near the couch. I need to get organized. Maybe I'll check out a thrift store and see if they've got a good basket or something that would be good for storage.

laughing purple goldfish said...

riaknits - be careful... you might get a complete shock when you see all those jumpers in one spot... I know I did! couldn't believe how many there were ;)

cats-rockin-crochet said...

You may like this link.