Friday, August 29, 2008

lisa gentry yarn bag

I was invited to join a new group at Ravelry the other day... for lovers of Lisa Gentry's designs. Have to be honest with you - I had NO IDEA who Lisa Gentry was!

Well... it turns out that she is the fastest crocheter in the world. Since 2005 she has been the Guiness Book of World's Records holder of the title. To achieve this title, Gentry crocheted 853 trc (5113 sts) in 30 mins... that's 170 stitches per minute.. WOW!

That was enough to peak my interest... so I joined. I figured I would just sit back and lurk for a week, and then decide whether to become active, or leave the group.

Anyway, I spotted that they are just starting a crochet-a-long (CAL) working on a free pattern of Gentry's for a yarn bag. It is a very basic bag worked in super bulky yarn on a large hook... and should only take a couple of hours to complete. So I jumped in and got involved. The CAL is actually a contest running until mid September, so check it out if you are interested.


Instead of 'super bulky' acrylic... I am using three strands of wool held together.


Circular base completed.


Body and handles done... I modified the pattern for longer handles... ch30 for the foundation of each, instead of ch16 as stated.


I worked the final row (sc) of the bag in a contrasting colour, and added a row of sc in the same contrast around the inside edge of the handles.


Now you know I love my felted hearts... so I had to add one to this bag.


Ta-da! That's the yarn part complete...

click here to see how I added a firm base

I'll also be adding a lining to help the bag keep it's shape


if you are a member at Ravelry
click here for the free pattern
if not, you can click here to purchase the pattern

(pssst... join
RAVELRY it's a huge online knit and crochet community... and a fabulous resource)


cats-rockin-crochet said...

Oh I so want to see the firm base, I've been thinking about how to do one for the bag I have almost finished.

laughing purple goldfish said...

check back in again tomorrow cat... I will have the base details up on saturday and the lining on sunday... perfect timing :)

Muttix said...

So, do you know how to add a zipper closure to a crocheted bag? If so, do you have any interest in making a tutorial about that? :)

Anonymous said...

Where can we get the pattern for this style of bag?

laughing purple goldfish said...

muttix - I haven't attempted zippers as yet, but it is certainly on my 'to do' list... and I will definitely share photos :)

laughing purple goldfish said...

anonymous - I have edited my post to include pattern links... they're at the bottom

Muttix said...


Stramenda said...

The bag is really gorgeous and I love the colours ! Have I mentioned I love your tutes?

laughing purple goldfish said...

thanks cristina... it's always fun to share what you have learned with others