Friday, December 19, 2008


Am I the most irresponsible mother on the face of this earth?

Well... Master Six thinks that I am!

He might not have said it in quite those words, but he gave me one of THOSE looks. You know the kind I mean... a look of despair, disgust, shock, horror and disbelief... all rolled into one.

Now what could I possibly have done to deserve a LOOK like that, you wonder?

Well... it all has to do with this hand made Christmas idea.

At first I didn't really know what to make for the boys. After I thought on it for a while, I put a couple of ideas together. They love their cuddle toys... and they love to 'design'. So I would let them 'design' a cuddle toy, and I would make it for them. It seemed simple enough.

And it was... in theory. For example the alien for Master Nine is all done and wrapped, waiting under the tree.

Alas things are not moving so smoothly with Master Six. He drew a monster for me weeks ago. But I can't find it! In fact, I don't recall having seen it at all... but he swears that he gave it to me to look after. Well, I have turned this craft room upside down looking for it... and it is definitely not here.

Master Six is horrified that I could have been so irresponsible with his precious design. He is so affected by the situation, that no amount of coaxing or bribing could get him to sketch another creature. Apparently I had my chance, and I blew it!

We finally agreed that he could give me a list of characteristics, and I would work from that instead. Take a look at the list... I think he is trying to punish me!

  • 12 arms, 6 on each side
  • 10 legs
  • 8 eyes
  • red hair... on his head, not all over

So I've drawn up a quick sketch... a very quick sketch indeed!



annemarie said...

How funny - I love his alien. Good luck!

misha said...

Love the eyes, all different sizes :)

Sam said...

Oh dear! You're not allowed to lose their artwork. Tut Tut. Lol. Will you ever be forgiven?
I think if you can pull off your alien design, he'll be ecstatic. That's one excellent alien. Love the eyes :-)
Loved the list, lol.

Karen said...

This handmade Christmas adventure of yours just gets better and better!!! And a friend of a friend got on a plane heading for Australia today to visit her mother - had to cancel her appointment to have her toenails painted because of our snow - wonder when she kicked off her boots and put on her sandals. Snow is rare here, at least to this extent; she will be very glad to land in summer.

Anonymous said...

Irresonsible??? How funny kids are, cause you only have one job to do and that is to safe gard his drawing!!! LOL.
I love your sketch, I'm sure he is punishing you with that much detail. Can't wait to see this one made up.

Balou said...

LOL! Looks like the flying spaghetti monster...

Puglette said...

oh dear, i know that look! your drawing is very cute, and i am sure that as soon as you finish your version the missing drawing will turn's in the mommy guidebook, lost items are found as soon as you replce them.

laughing purple goldfish said...

annemarie - I might need it!

misha - I love the idea of the different sizes... but I haven't yet worked out how I will do them! because they are the only facial features, I want them to be mesmerising... something to think about..

sam - I'm clearly a disgrace to motherhood... lol!

karen - we went out tonight to a local chrismas light display... it's in a rural are, but they have a christmas light shop on the premises... anyway, we go each year... the place is huge, and you can spend so much time just wandering around and soaking up the atmosphere... WELL... getting to my point now, I promise... it was freezing there tonight... I wore gloves and a scarf and a jacket with a hood and I was still COLD... we stayed about half an hour, but it was BRRRRR... definitely not a midsummer night!

jacqui - I agree!

balou - how funny... I hadn't heard of the flying spaghetti monster before... but they might be related! thanks for the link... lol at 'pastafarians' how funny :)

puglette - oh yes... you're definitely right about the timing!

Meg said...

I have a friend who visited for school here in Indiana, she then told me I didn't know that scarfs and hots and gloves were anything more than fashion items until we convinced her to go playing in the snow here and she froze!

laughing purple goldfish said...

meg - silly! sounds like she learned the hard way :)